Waiting: A Novel

⛄ digital Waiting: A Novel ⛏ PDF by Ha Jin ⛹ ⛄ digital Waiting: A Novel ⛏ PDF by Ha Jin ⛹ Lin Kong graduated from the military medical school toward the end of 1963 and came to Muji to work as a doctor At that time the hospital ran a small nursing school, which offered a sixteen month program and produced nurses for the army in Manchuria and Inner Mongolia When Manna Wu enrolled as a student in the fall of 1964, Lin was teaching a course in anatomy She was an energetic young woman at the time, playing volleyball on the hospital team Unlike most of her classmates who were recent middle or high school graduates, she had already served three years as a telephone operator in a coastal division and was older than most of them Since over 95 percent of the students in the nursing school were female, many young officers from the units stationed in Muji City would frequent the hospital on weekends.Most of the officers wanted to find a girlfriend or a fiance among the students, although these young women were still soldiers and were not allowed to have a boyfriend There was a secret reason for the men s interest in the female students, a reason few of them would articulate but one which they all knew in their hearts, namely that these were good girls That phrase meant these women were virgins otherwise they could not have joined the army, since every young woman recruited had to go through a physical exam that eliminated those with a broken hymen.One Sunday afternoon in the summer, Manna was washing clothes alone in the dormitory washroom In came a bareheaded lieutenant of slender build and medium height, his face marked with a few freckles His collar was unbuckled and the top buttons on his jacket were undone, displaying his prominent Adam s apple He stood beside her, lifted his foot up, and placed it into the long terrazzo sink The tap water splashed on his black plastic sandal and spread like a silvery fan Done with the left foot, he put in his right To Manna s amusement, he bathed his feet again and again His breath stank of alcohol.He turned and gave her a toothy grin, and she smiled back Gradually they entered into conversation He said he was the head of a radio station at the headquarters of the Muji Sub Command and a friend of Instructor Peng His hands shook a little as he talked He asked where she came from she told him her hometown was in Shandong Province, withholding the fact that she had grown up as an orphan without a hometown her parents had died in a traffic accident in Tibet when she was three.What s your name he asked.Manna Wu.I m Mai Dong, from Shanghai.A lull set in She felt her face flushing a little, so she returned to washing her clothes But he seemed eager to go on talking.Glad to meet you, Comrade Manna Wu, he said abruptly and stretched out his hand.She waved to show the soapsuds on her palms Sorry, she said with a pixieish smile.By the way, how do you like Muji he asked, rubbing his wet hands on his flanks.It s all right.Really Even the weather here Yes.Not too cold in winter Before she could answer, he went on, Of course, summer s fine How about Why did you bathe your feet eight or nine times She giggled.Oh, did I He seemed bewildered, looking down at his feet.Nice sandals, she said.My cousin sent them from Shanghai By the way, how old are you He grinned.Surprised by the question, she looked at him for a moment and then turned away, reddening.He smiled rather naturally I mean, do you have a boyfriend Again she was taken aback Before she could decide how to answer, a woman student walked in with a bucket to fetch water, so their conversation had to end.A week later she received a letter from Mai Dong He apologized profusely for disturbing her in the washroom and for his untidy appearance, which wasn t suitable for an officer He had asked her so many embarrassing questions, she must have taken him for an idiot But he had not been himself that day He begged her to forgive him She wrote back, saying she had not been offended, instead very much amused She appreciated his candor and natural manners.Both of them were in their mid twenties and had never taken a lover Soon they began to write each other a few times a week Within two months they started their rendezvous on weekends at movie theaters, parks, and the riverbank Mai Dong hated Muji, which was a city with a population of about a quarter of a million He dreaded its severe winters and the north winds that came from Siberia with clouds of snow dust The smog, which always curtained the sky when the weather was cold, aggravated his chronic sore throat His work, transcribing and transmitting telegrams, impaired his eyesight He was unhappy and complained a great deal.Manna tried to comfort him with kind words By nature he was weak and gentle Sometimes she felt he was like a small boy who needed the care of an elder sister or a mother.One Saturday afternoon in the fall, they met in Victory Park Under a weeping willow on the bank of a lake, they sat together watching a group of children on the other shore flying a large kite, which was a paper centipede crawling up and down in the air To their right, about a hundred feet away, a donkey was tethered to a tree, now and then whisking its tail Its master was lying on the grass and taking a nap, a green cap over his face so that flies might not bother him Maple seeds floated down, revolving in the breeze Furtively Mai Dong stretched out his hand, held Manna s shoulder, and pulled her closer so as to kiss her lips.What are you doing she cried, leaping to her feet Her abrupt movement scared away the mallards and geese in the water She didn t understand his intention and thought he had attempted something indecent, like a hoodlum She didn t remember ever being kissed by anyone.He looked puzzled, then muttered, I didn t mean to make you angry like this.Don t ever do that again.All right, I won t He turned away from her and looked piqued, spitting on the grass.From then on, though she didn t reproach him again, she resisted his advances resolutely, her sense of virtue and honor preventing her from succumbing to his desire Her resistance kindled his passion Soon he told her that he couldn t help thinking of her all the time, as though she had become his shadow Sometimes at night, he would walk alone in the compound of the Sub Command headquarters for hours, with his 1951 pistol stuck in his belt Heaven knew how he missed her and how many nights he remained awake tossing and turning while thinking about her Out of desperation, he proposed to her two months before her graduation He wanted to marry her without delay.She thought he must have lost his mind, though by now she also couldn t help thinking of him for an hour or two every night Her head ached in the morning, her grades were suffering, and she was often angry with herself She would lose her temper with others for no apparent reason When nobody was around, tears often came to her eyes For all their love, an immediate marriage would be impracticable, out of the question She was uncertain where she would be sent when she graduated, probably to a remote army unit, which could be anywhere in Manchuria or Inner Mongolia Besides, a marriage at this moment would suggest that she was having a love affair this would invite punishment, the lightest of which the school would administer was to keep the couple as separate as possible In recent years the leaders had assigned some lovers to different places deliberately.She revealed Mai Dong s proposal to nobody except her teacher Lin Kong, who was known as a good hearted married man and was regarded by many students as a kind of elder brother In such a situation she needed an objective opinion Lin agreed that a marriage at this moment was unwise, and that they had better wait a while until her graduation and then decide what to do He promised he would let nobody know of the relationship In addition, he said he would try to help her in the job assignment if he was involved in making the decision.She reasoned Mai Dong out of the idea of an immediate marriage and assured him that she would become his wife sooner or later As graduation approached, they both grew restless, hoping she would remain in Muji City He was depressed, and his despondency made her love him .At the graduation she was assigned to stay in the hospital and work in its Medical Department as a nurse a junior officer of the twenty fourth rank The good news, however, didn t please Mai Dong and Manna for long, because a week later he was informed that his radio station was going to be transferred to a newly formed regiment in Fuyuan County, almost eighty miles northeast of Muji and very close to the Russian border.Don t panic, she told him Work and study hard on the front I ll wait for you Though also heartbroken, she felt he was a rather pathetic man She wished he were stronger, a man she could rely on in times of adversity, because life always had unexpected misfortunes.When will we get married he asked.Soon, I promise.Despite saying that, she was unsure whether he would be able to come back to Muji She preferred to wait a while.The nearer the time for departure drew, the embittered Mai Dong became A few times he mentioned he would rather be demobilized and return to Shanghai, but she dissuaded him from considering that A discharge might send him to a place far away, such as an oil field or a construction corps building railroads in the interior of China It was better for them to stay as close as possible.When she saw him off at the front entrance of the Sub Command headquarters, she had to keep blowing on her fingers, having forgotten to bring along her mittens She wouldn t take the fur gloves he offered her she said he would need them He stood at the back door of the radio van, whose green body had turned gray with encrusted ice and snow The radio antenna atop the van was tilting in the wind, which, with a shrill whistle, again and again tried to snatch it up and bear it off More snow was falling, and the air was piercingly cold Mai Dong s breath hung around his face as he shouted orders to his soldiers in the van, who gathered at the window, eager to see what Manna looked like Outside the van, a man loaded into a side trunk some large wooden blocks needed for climbing the slippery mountain roads The driver kicked the rear wheels to see whether the tire chains were securely fastened His fur hat was completely white, a nest of snowflakes.As the van drew away, Mai Dong waved good bye to Manna, his hand stretching through the back window, as though struggling to pull her along He wanted to cry, Wait for me, Manna but he dared not get that out in the presence of his men Seeing his face contort with pain, Manna s eyes blurred with tears She bit her lips so as not to cry.Winter in Muji was long Snow wouldn t disappear until early May In mid April when the Songhua River began to break up, people would gather at the bank watching the large blocks of ice cracking and drifting in the blackish green water Teenage boys, baskets in hand, would tread and hop on the floating ice, picking up pike, whitefish, carp, baby sturgeon, and catfish killed by the ice blocks that had been washed down by spring torrents Steamboats, still in the docks, blew their horns time and again When the main channel was finally clear of ice, they crept out, sailing slowly up and down the river and saluting the spectators with long blasts Children would hail and wave at them.Then spring descended all of a sudden Aspen catkins flew in the air, so thick that when walking on the streets you could breathe them in and you would flick your hand to keep them away from your face The scent of lilac blooms was pungent and intoxicating Yet old people still wrapped themselves in fur or cotton padded clothes The dark earth, vast and loamy, marked by tufts of yellow grass here and there, began emitting a warm vapor that flickered like purple smoke in the sunshine All at once apricot and peach trees broke into blossoms, which grew puffy as bees kept touching them Within two weeks the summer started Spring was so short here that people would say Muji had only three seasons.In her letters to Mai Dong, Manna described these seasonal changes as though he had never lived in the city As always, he complained in his letters about life at the front Many soldiers there suffered from night blindness because they hadn t eaten enough vegetables They all had lice in their underclothes since they couldn t take baths in their barracks For the whole winter and spring he had seen only two movies He had lost fourteen pounds, he was like a skeleton now To comfort him, each month Manna mailed him a small bag of peanut brittle.One evening in June, Manna and two other nurses were about to set out for the volleyball court behind the medical building Benping, the soldier in charge of mail and newspapers, came and handed her a letter Seeing it was from Mai Dong, her teammates teased her, saying, Aha, a love letter.She opened the envelope and was shocked while reading through the two pages Mai Dong told her that he couldn t stand the life on the border any longer and had applied for a discharge, which had been granted He was going back to Shanghai, where the weather was milder and the food better More heartrending, he had decided to marry his cousin, who was a salesgirl at a department store in Shanghai Without such a marriage, he wouldn t be able to obtain a residence card, which was absolutely necessary for him to live and find employment in the metropolis In reality he and the girl had been engaged even before he had applied for his discharge otherwise he wouldn t have been allowed to go to Shanghai, since he was not from the city proper but from one of its suburban counties He was sorry for Manna and asked her to hate and forget him.Her initial response was long silence.Are you okay Nurse Shen asked.Manna nodded and said nothing Then the three of them set out for the game.On the volleyball court Manna, usually an indifferent player, struck the ball with such ferocity that for the first time her comrades shouted Bravo for her Her face was smeared with sweat and tears As she dove to save a ball, she fell flat on the graveled court and scraped her right elbow The spectators applauded the diving save while she slowly picked herself up and found blood oozing from her skin.During the break her teammates told her to go to the clinic and have the injury dressed, so she left, planning to return for the second game But on her way, she changed her mind and ran back to the dormitory She merely washed her elbow with cold water and didn t bandage it.Once alone in the bedroom, she read the letter again and tears gushed from her eyes She flung the pages down on the desk and fell on her bed, sobbing, twisting, and biting the pillowcase A mosquito buzzed above her head, then settled on her neck, but shedidn t bother to slap it She felt as if her heart had been pierced.When her three roommates came back at nine, she was still in tears They picked up the letter and glanced through it together they tried to console her by condemning the heartless man But their words made her sob harder and even convulsively That night she didn t wash her face or brush her teeth She slept with her clothes on, waking now and then and weeping quietly while her roommates wheezed or smacked their lips or murmured something in their sleep She simply couldn t stop her tears.She was ill for a few weeks She felt aged, in deep lassitude and numb despair, and regretted not marrying Mai Dong before he left for the front Her limbs were weary, as though separated from herself Despite her comrades protests, she dropped out of the volleyball team, saying she was too sick to play She spent time alone, as though all at once she belonged to an older generation she cared less about her looks and clothes.By now she was almost twenty six, on the verge of becoming an old maid, whose standard age was twenty seven to most people s minds The hospital had three old maids Manna seemed destined to join them.She wasn t very attractive, but she was slim and tall and looked natural besides, she had a pleasant voice In normal circumstances she wouldn t have had difficulty in finding a boyfriend, but the hospital always kept over a hundred women nurses, most of whom were around twenty, healthy and normal, so young officers could easily find girlfriends among them As a result, few men were interested in Manna Only an enlisted soldier paid her some attentions He was a cook, a squat man from Szechwan Province, and he would dole out to her a larger portion of a dish when she bought her meal But she did not want an enlisted soldier as a boyfriend, which would have violated the rule that only officers could have a girlfriend or a boyfriend Besides, that man looked awful owlish and cunning So she avoided standing in any line leading to his window. A simple love story that transcends cultural barriers Convincing and rich in detail Filled with an earthy poetic grace Chicago Tribune Luminous Eloquent Waiting provides a crash course in Chinese society during and since the Cultural Revolution, and a leisurely but nonetheless compelling exploration of the less exotic terrain that is the human heart The New York Times Book Review Ha Jin s writing is steeped in wit, rich metaphorical underpinnings and endless and wonderful detail The Atlanta Journal Constitution Extraordinary A remarkably austere love story, suffused with irony and subtlety Chicago Sun Times Waiting has the stripped down simplicity of a fable It casts a spell that doesn t break once Jin has the kind of effortless command that most writers can only dream about The New York Times MagazineAchingly beautiful Ha Jin depicts the details of social etiquette, of food, of rural family relationships and the complex yet alarmingly primitive fabric of provincial life with that absorbed passion for minutiae characteristic of Dickens and Balzac Los Angeles Times Book ReviewA vivid bit of storytelling, fluid and earthy Reminiscent of Hemingway in its scope, simplicity and precise language A graceful human allegory Chicago Sun TimesA subtle beauty A sad, poignantly funny tale The Boston Sunday GlobeImpeccably deadpan Waiting turns, page by careful page, into a deliciously comic novel TimeSpare but compelling Jins craftsmanship and grasp of the universal language of the human heart make the book a worthwhile read USA TodayA wry, lovely novel Unexpectedly moving So quietly and carefully told that we read on patiently, pleasantly distracted, wondering when something will happen Only when weve finished do we understand just how much has, and how much waiting can be its own painful reward NewsdayEnlightening a delicate rendering of the universal complications of love Ha Jins natural storytelling quietly captures the texture of daily life in a dual Chinese culture No detail is extraneous in this sad, funny, and often wise novel The Village Voice Literary SupplementRemarkable compellingly ingenious gorgeously cinematic The Philadelphia InquirerA wonderfully ironic novel complex and sad as life It captures the difficulties of love in totalitarian China with sharp prose and a convincing portrayal of human vagaries Minneapolis Star TribuneSubtle and complex his best work to date A moving meditation on the effects of time upon love The Washington Post Jin reveals some startlingly original insights on human life and love in a narrative that dazzles the reader with its simplicity and grace The Providence Sunday Journal Waiting is a masterpiece of realism and a work of ironic allegory, its mystifying, foreign world full of characters who grow familiar with every page Through an accumulation of small, deft brushstrokes, 20th century China is superimposed onto the landscape of an ancient, painted scroll The Plain DealerA high achievement indeed The New York 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