Wicca Elemental Magic: A Guide to the Elements, Witchcraft, and Magic Spells (Wicca Books Book 2)

◿ Paperback [ Wicca Elemental Magic: A Guide to the Elements, Witchcraft, and Magic Spells (Wicca Books Book 2) ] For Free ☷ Ebook Author Lisa Chamberlain ♊ ◿ Paperback [ Wicca Elemental Magic: A Guide to the Elements, Witchcraft, and Magic Spells (Wicca Books Book 2) ] For Free ☷ Ebook Author Lisa Chamberlain ♊

Everything You Need to Know About Working with the Magic of the Elements

For thousands of years, our ancestors believed that the Elements Earth, Air, Fire, and Water were the building blocks of the Universe, and their inherent properties and energies could be directed to manifest particular outcomes This belief grew and evolved over time as part of the Western Mystery Tradition, a body of beliefs that has had significant influence on the dynamic nature based religion known as Wicca Through ritual and magic, Wiccans interact with the primal forces of the Elements in a variety of ways, calling upon them for assistance in the transformation of their realities just as the earliest shamans did in the ancient world.You may already be aware of some aspects of how the Elements figure into Wiccan practice For example, you may know that each is represented by different ritual toolsthe pentacle for Earth, the wand for Air, the cup for Water and the athame for Fire But did you know that the psychic energies of each Element are found within each and every person on the planet Or that by connecting spiritually with a particular Element you can help address an imbalance in your life And lets not forget the all important Fifth Element, known in many traditions as Akasha, or simply Spirit, which contains the other four and yet is an Element in its own right.But if all of the above is news to you, dont worryit really doesnt matter how much youve learned so far about Wicca or the Elements Elemental Magic was created for both beginners and experienced Witches alike In this guide, best selling author Lisa Chamberlain covers it all the basics of incorporating the Elements into your rituals, as well as less often discussed topics like animism, Elemental personalities, and using these forces of nature to help you enhance your magical perception Indeed, as you will see, an Element centered practice is a rich and rewarding way to deepen your connection to the Goddess and God, to Nature, the Universe, or whatever terms your particular belief system ascribes to the power of All That Is.

Foundations of Elemental Magic

In order to truly grasp the underlying concepts behind working with the Elements, its important to learn how these componentsEarth, Air, Fire, Water and Spiritcame to be defined in Western magical traditions Youll also need a close look at each individual Element to understand its inherent properties and its potential to transform your magical practice Youll find all of this in Elemental Magic and much Our earliest civilizations understandings of the Elements and their relationship to magic How recent scientific observations reflect these ancient concepts The core magical properties of each Element Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit, and how we are personally influenced by these energies Ways of attuning with individual Elements for enhanced living and magical practice Elemental relationships with deities, elemental beings, and spirit animals An overview of Wiccan ritual with a focus on the Elements, including altar layout, casting the circle, and calling the quarters Techniques and magical practices for working with individual Elements Spells, rituals and charms focused on each individual ElementIn addition, you ll find tables of correspondence covering the magical properties of each Element, as well as associated colors, spell ingredients, ritual tools and at the end of the guide Elemental Magic will be a treasured reference, magical guide, and springboard for you to make your own discoveries about the power of the Elements and the magic they have to offer.

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    • Wicca Elemental Magic: A Guide to the Elements, Witchcraft, and Magic Spells (Wicca Books Book 2)
    • Lisa Chamberlain
    • English
    • 22 September 2016
    • 110 pages

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