The Other Side of Impossible: Ordinary People Who Faced Daunting Medical Challenges and Refused to Give Up

⤲ Best new The Other Side of Impossible: Ordinary People Who Faced Daunting Medical Challenges and Refused to Give Up ⧀ Author Susannah Meadows 䎕 ⤲ Best new The Other Side of Impossible: Ordinary People Who Faced Daunting Medical Challenges and Refused to Give Up ⧀ Author Susannah Meadows 䎕 1Shepherds Story, Part 1The LeapWhat if wed never met Char Darin and meWhen my son Shepherd was three years old, he and his twin brother Beau took soccer lessons for the first time They were so excited the night before their first practice that they slept in their uniformsa purple T shirt with a yellow star kicking the ball with one of its points But when we got to the field the next day, Shepherds enthusiasm evaporated While Beau and the other kids zigzagged around the cones, Shepherd stood still and looked bewildered When it was his turn to kick the ball, he seemed lost After fifteen minutes, he walked off the field and sat down in my lap, saying he was too tired to play We watched the other kids, and I pointed out to him the drills I thought he might enjoy, the ones that Beau was charging through But Shepherd refused to go back to the field.His reaction didnt concern me muchhe was three, after all, and I already thought of him, in the way that parents tend to categorize their children even as we tell ourselves we shouldnt, as not that interested in sports.My husband, Darin, and I had recently noticed that Shepherd occasionally walked with a limp, but it was faint enough that sometimes when you looked for it, it was gone Faint enoughthough it seems incredible nowthat we didnt connect it to his reluctance on the field.I assumed that Shepherd would warm to his soccer lessons the next time around He and Beau still donned their jerseys at bedtime and talked each night about soccer school at the dinner table But the following Saturday, Shepherd broke into tears the moment he started to run.That week we saw our pediatrician, who referred us to an orthopedist When no injury showed up on the X ray, the doctor said that arthritis was most likely the issue Arthritis in a three year old It sounded odd than alarming at first, but over the next few weeks, as we waited to see the next specialist, we watched Shepherd spend and time on the couch His stiff legged walk became pronounced, though he claimed that it was just an imitation Im a penguin, he would say Then he started having trouble getting out of bed.A month after our first appointment, we went to see Dr Philip Kahn, a pediatric rheumatologist at NYU Langone Medical Center, who gave Shepherd a diagnosis of juvenile idiopathic arthritis.JIA is an autoimmune disease It causes painful swelling in the joints It can lead to stunted growth, disability, and, rarely, blindness.When Dr Kahn tested his joints, Shepherd denied that it hurt even as he teared up in pain Our son was stoic, Dr Kahn said, as the kids he treated often were Shepherd turned out to have arthritis in both knees and both wrists, as well as in his left shoulder and elbow Many months later a particular memory came back to me, its attendant mothers guilt harsh despite the passage of time Wed bribed him to go to that last practice with the promise of ice cream.Before driving home from the appointment, all four of us stopped for lunch at a hummus place that Dr Kahn had recommended We sat outside on the sidewalk, and Darin and I pretended that we were celebrating This is great news, we told Shepherd Now that we know whats wrong, you can take medicine that will make you feel better Darin remembered thinking that we were lying to him, but he was trying to be optimistic than he felt, for Shepherds sake and for mine Shepherd barely ate his lunch.When we got home, I called my sister, Rae She already knew that overwhelmed feeling of getting a childs diagnosis shed been through it with her daughter, who had severe asthma and fourteen food allergies Rae talked about how that moment when you receive a diagnosis like this, for your child, eclipses everything She tried to reassure me that if an illness isnt life threatening, the fear eventually dies down, and coping with it becomes routine Her daughter was three, the same age as Shepherd.Rae must have made a similar call to me when she first got the allergy news about her daughter a couple of years before, but I have no memory of it Im sure I was sympathetic I knew that having a child with allergies was difficult and scary, of course But it was only after we found out about Shepherds JIA, maybe not that first day, but sometime in the weeks afterward, that I realized Id really had no idea before about what she was dealing with as a mother I called her and told her I was sorry Partly because I hadnt fully understood it, even though I dont think I could have I dont think anyone can But I also wanted to tell her I was sorry for what she went through because I knew now how much there was to be sorry for.That day of Shepherds diagnosis, Rae mentioned that a friend of her sister in law, a woman named Char Walker short for Charlotte , sent her sons arthritis into remission with alternative medicine Did I want to talk to her I told Rae that I didnt, that we liked Dr Kahn and wanted to follow his advice for now We were starting Shepherd on a course of naproxen, a relative of the nonsteroidal anti inflammatory ibuprofen We didnt want to mess around with something that might not work when conventional treatments were known to be effective What I thought that day but didnt say to Rae was, We dont want to waste time talking to a kook.Shepherds arthritis spread while he was taking the naproxen Joints in his fingers ballooned, and he developed nodules on his knuckles, which were suggestive of serious rheumatic disease He started wetting his pants frequently because, we realized after too much time, his fingers hurt so much that he couldnt pull his pants down.We went back to Dr Kahn, who said it was time to confront the painful inflammation in Shepherds joints with methotrexate, a commonly used treatment for juvenile idiopathic arthritis.Inflammation is supposed to be our friend The heat, swelling, redness, and pain were all familiar with are usually signs that this important immune system function is doing its job of fighting off an infection or helping us recover from an injury Many different immune cells take part in inflammation Some induce pain, perhaps to force us to rest and heal Othersour white blood cellsattack bacteria or other foreign matter directly by gobbling them up Inflammation can be incredibly destructivethats how it defends us from invaders so effectively But sometimes our immune system goes haywire and starts striking innocent tissue When inflammation is inappropriate in this way or doesnt know when to stop, it becomes our enemy.This is autoimmune disease immune cells fighting against oneself Excessive inflammation can also increase our risk of cancer and is a factor in many other diseases including obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.Methotrexate works by suppressing the immune system, which mistakenly attacks the joints of children with JIA In significantly higher doses, methotrexate is used as chemotherapy Even at the dose Shepherd would be getting, a minuscule fraction of that, methotrexate could still cause nausea, dizziness, and drowsiness The list of serious possible side effects was terrifying to meincluding liver damage and increased risk of lymphomaeven though Dr Kahn told us that those risks were practically nonexistent.Shepherd had polyarticular JIAmeaning five or joints were affected Children with this kind of arthritis are unlikely ever to outgrow it Shepherd would probably be on medication for life What were the long term effects of taking this drug on three year olds This question tended to visit me in the middle of the night, when Dr Kahns reassurances that methotrexate was safe gave the least amount of comfort.As my anxiety about the medication churned, I talked to my friend Andrea about it Shes a doctor I knew what she would say, and I needed to hear it She told me, I dont think you have a choice Somehow, as I suspected it would, hearing that the decision to give Shepherd methotrexate was out of my hands brought some relief Though the effect was fleeting, for the time being at least, I couldnt worry about what I couldnt control.The pills were orange, Shepherds favorite color When I first gave them to him, he was enthusiastic about taking them The real coup His twin brother, Beau, didnt get to have them But watching my son gulp the pills down defeated me It reinforced an image of Shepherd as sick, forever dependent on a drug I felt afraid of, however unreasonable his doctor might tell me that fear was.But this was our only choice.Unless it wasnt.One morning, while the boys were at preschool and Darin was out of the house, I decided to call Char Walker She answered the phone, and within minutes I was crying to this woman I had never met It was my first experience with the healthcare underground, women and families supporting each other, offering possible leads and kindness when traditional medicine wasnt enough.Char told me that when her son Shane was an infant, only a month old, he started waking up seven or eight times a night screaming and crying, which he continued to do for a year and a half He didnt have any symptoms that she could see What was wrong Soon she was crying every night, too And then, at around eighteen months, he learned to talk and told her what hurt his leg, his hip, and his wrist Once they had the diagnosis of JIA, Char realized her son had probably been in pain every night of his life.Char was a social worker and massage therapist who worked with cancer patients at NorthShore University HealthSystem outside Chicago When Shanes rheumatologist presented methotrexate or steroid injections as the only options, Char was horrified.Because she worked in the integrative medicine department, which combined Western medicine with complementary interventions developed outside the mainstream, she knew there were other things to try in order to combat inflammation And she wanted to try them first.Char told me that Shanes rheumatologist disapproved of her decision to delay drug therapy Char said, It was like, What the hell are you doing, lady She remembered the doctor telling her, I dont think its going to work Ive been doing this a long time Char said the doctor warned her that she risked stunting her sons growth and damaging his joints, not to mention prolonging his pain Shanes rheumatologist declined to speak to me on the record, though she had Chars permission to do so Char dug into medical literature databases From a naturopath she learned about an anti inflammatory Chinese concoction called four marvels powder, which is made from two roots, a seed, and the bark from a decorative tree Naturopathic medicine combines healing practices developed hundreds of years ago with modern primary care Emphasizing stress reduction, nutrition, and herbal supplements, among other interventions, the idea is to optimize the health of the body as a bulwark against disease.Char also sought guidance from her colleague Dr Leslie Mendoza Temple, the medical director of NorthShores integrative medicine program Dr Mendoza Temple had experience with treating inflammatory arthritis Char had come up with an extensive diet and supplement regimen While wary of the risks, Dr Mendoza Temple was comfortable giving the program a three month trial I tried everything that I knew was safe to see what would work, Char told me.I grabbed my pen and paper and started taking notes No gluten, the protein in wheat, barley, and rye No dairy No refined sugar No nightshadesa group of plants that includes potatoes and tomatoeswhich are thought by some to be pro inflammatory, as is sugar Every day, Shane took a probiotic, those supplements of bacteria that are either the same or similar to the microorganisms found naturally in the body Plus two tablespoons of sour Montncy cherry juice and at least 2,000 milligrams of omega 3 fatty acids from fish oil, for their anti inflammatory properties Instead of naproxen, Shane took a combination of ibuprofen and Tylenol to lower his overall intake of nonsteroidal anti inflammatories, which can be hard on the gut And a quarter teaspoon, daily, of the Chinese herbal medicine called four marvels powder.Char said she believed that her sons arthritis was caused by something I had never heard of beforeleaky gut syndrome, a concept that had been accepted in alternative circles for years despite a name that asks you not to take it seriously Leaky gut is based on the idea that inflammation in the gut damages the intestinal walls As a result, the normally tight junctions between the cells that make up the intestinal walls lining loosen Then, like a careless bouncer, the barrier starts letting through undesirables, various proteins or bacteria that would normally be turned away Once theyve breached the wall, the hypothesis goes, these materials make their way into the surrounding tissues where they dont belong These uninvited guests set off the immune system, which mounts a defensive, inflammatory reaction to get rid of them The problem is that, in this scenario, instigators keep coming through So rather than wage a quick and dirty fight that limits destruction, the inflammation is dragged into a sustained, drawn out war.Meadows has compiled compelling stories about people who faced and ultimately surmounted daunting medical challenges The families ventures into a realm that some would call quackery were typically inspired by love, desperation and hope, and were fueled by irrepressible grit and determination to find solutions to debilitating health problems that defied the best that conventional medicine could offer Their stories left me in awe of their persistence against formidable odds The New York TimesThe stories featured in this book are really remarkablea child making a full recovery from a painful illness, a woman confined to a wheelchair walking againand all because they wouldnt stop looking for answers Good Morning America This is a book of hope An amazing book for everyone Fox Friends At the age of three, the authors son Shepherd was diagnosed with juvenile arthritis When Western medicine didnt help, Meadows, a journalist, found a special dietno gluten, no dairythat did For this book she found other families who, as she writes, had similarly explored the wilds of unfinished science Newsday Meadowss purpose is to suggest potential targets for new research, and she does so with writing thats compelling and fair This is a terrific book for those who need encouragement to take control of their diagnoses, and for their physicians and families Publishers Weekly Throughout these tales, a common attitude binds people together hope What cannot be refuted are the will power, perseverance, and hopefulness of the patients and families profiled here Booklist Can eating the right food play a major role in healing medical problems Encouraging, honest information and real life cases that show the role food can play in healing the body Kirkus Reviews The Other Side of Impossible introduces readers to courageous patients, parents seeking help for their children, and scientists searching for cures and explanations The author highlights the importance of persistence, hope, and research when facing difficult medical situations Library JournalIn this affecting and illuminating book, Susannah Meadows emerges as the kind of sound, sensible, and invaluable friend you want by your side when medical disaster strikes She brings a strong grasp of science, a writerly sensibility, and a good heart to the difficult subject of the present and future of healthcare If you love someone, read The Other Side of Impossible.Jon Meacham I laughed out loud than once, choked up than twice, and generally marveled at the lovely humanity and sharp mind at work This extremely useful guide to never giving up is journalism at its most responsible, intelligent, and compassionate.Kelly Corrigan The Other Side of Impossible is an amazing bookinsightful, compassionate, and quite possibly life changing.Curtis Sittenfeld Drugs U S Food and Drug Administration Home Emergency Preparedness Bioterrorism, drug preparedness natural disaster response Approvals Databases CDER highlights key Web sites side dish English Spanish Dictionary side Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, forum discussions other other Interior Gallery Bus Conversion MCI A E Model Bunks, Side isle Bath, Queen master suit Black porcelain sink with bar style Faucet, large Kitchen Aid by Bienvenue chez Plante Amusement Spcialiste en Location de jeux gonflables et quipements damusement Accueil Soumission Propos Foire aux questions Contactez nous Lil Jon The East Boyz Get Low Official Lil Buy it on iTunes Subscribe Orchard Director Life Garland Freakonomics Rev Ed Rogue Economist 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medication useful for prevention tonic clonic seizures partialSusannah Meadows TEDx talk Confronting Chronic Disease Refusing To Give Up Susannah Meadows These are stories seven families who were determined solve Home Facebook likes SUSANNAH MEADOWS author THE OTHER SIDE OF IMPOSSIBLE, frequent contributor New York Times, former Wikipedia American journalist She book Other Impossible people facing difficult illnesses find ways Genealogy Genealogy profile Share family tree photos know love Build online About Book You re faced health condition have exhausted answers What profiles LinkedIn View professionals named LinkedIn There Meadows, use exchange information IMDb Find industry contacts talent representation Access development titles not available IMDb latest news from leading trades Boy With Thorn His Joints York By Feb When my son, Shepherd, was old, he his twin brother, Beau, took soccer lessons first time The Other Side of Impossible: Ordinary People Who Faced Daunting Medical Challenges and Refused to Give Up

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    • The Other Side of Impossible: Ordinary People Who Faced Daunting Medical Challenges and Refused to Give Up
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