Who Cut the Cheese?

⤫ Online Who Cut the Cheese? for kids ⦢ Kindle Author Jo Nesbo 䒞 ⤫ Online Who Cut the Cheese? for kids ⦢ Kindle Author Jo Nesbo 䒞 Who Cut the Cheese World War and Hiccups IT WAS NIGHTTIME in Oslo, Norway, and it was snowing Big, seemingly innocent snowflakes wafted down from the sky to land on the citys roofs, streets, and parks A weatherperson would surely have explained to you that the snowflakes were just frozen rain, which came from the clouds, but the fact is that no one really knows for sure Snowflakes could, for example, come from the moon, which was visible through gaps in the cloud cover and cast a magical light down over the sleeping city The snow crystals that hit the asphalt in front of Town Hall melted immediately and ran off as water into the nearest manhole cover, dripping through its openings down into a pipe that led directly into the sewer network that crisscrossed back and forth down there, deep below Oslo No one was really sure what was actually down there in that sewer world, but if you were so dumb and brave as to climb down there on this December night, remain completely still, and hold your breath, you would hear a few strange things Water dripping, sewage gurgling, rats rustling, a frog croaking Andif you were really unluckythe sound of a couple of massive jaws that creaked open into a mouth the size of an inflatable swim ring, the sound of anaconda saliva dripping, and then an ear splitting snap as the orifice slammed shut After that, it was guaranteed to be complete silence for you, my unlucky friend But seeing as you werent so unlucky, you would have heard other sounds on this night, sounds that would amaze you The sound of a waffle iron closing, of butter sizzling, voices murmuring softly, a waffle iron opening And then quiet chewing EVENTUALLY THE SNOW stopped falling, the chewing ceased, and the people of Oslo started waking up to a new day, heading off through the winter darkness and slush to work and school And just as Mrs Strobe started telling her students about World War II, a pale winter sun that had overslept once again cautiously peeped over the hilltop Lisa was sitting at her desk, looking at the board Mrs Strobe had written the words WORLD WAR TOO up there She had misspelled two And this was bothering Lisawho liked things to be spelled correctlyso much that she wasnt quite able to concentrate on Mrs Strobe, who was talking about how the Germans had attacked Norway in 1940 and how a handful of heroes had squared things away with those Germans, so that the Norwegians had won the war and could sing, Victory is ours, we won the war, victory is ours Well, what was everyone else doing, then, huh We raise our hands when we want to ask a question, Nilly Mrs Strobe said sternly Yes, I bet you do, Nilly said But I dont see how that would result in answers that were any better My method, Mrs Strobe, is just to plunge right in and The tiny little red haired and very freckled boy named Nilly raised a tiny little hand up in the air as if he were picking invisible apples Boom Grab hold of the conversation, hang on to it, keep it under my control, give wings to my words and let them fly toward you Mrs Strobe bent her head and stared, her eyes bulging over the tops of her glasses, which slipped yet another inch farther down her long nose And to her alarm, Lisa saw that Mrs Strobe had raised her hand in preparation for one of her infamous desk slaps The sound of the flesh on Mrs Strobes hand striking wood was terrifying It was said that it had been known to make grown men sob and mothers cry for their mommies Although, now that Lisa thought about it, Nilly was the one who had told her that so she wasnt a hundred percent sure that it was a hundred percent true What were the people who werent heroes doing Nilly repeated Answer, my dear teacher, whose beauty is exceeded only by your wisdom Answer and let us drink from the font of your knowledge Mrs Strobe lowered her hand and sighed And Lisa thought she could see the corners of the womans mouth twitching despite all her strictness Mrs Strobe was not a lady given to overdoing smiling or any of the other sunnier facial expressions The Norwegians who werent heroes during the war, Mrs Strobe began They uh, rooted Rooted Nilly asked They rooted for the heroes And for the king, who had escaped to London So, they did nothing, Nilly said Its not that simple, Mrs Strobe replied Not everyone can be a hero Why not Nilly asked Why not what Mrs Strobe asked Why cant everyone be a hero Nilly asked, flipping his red bangs, which because of his stature were only just slightly visible above the edge of his desk In the silence that followed, Lisa could hear yelling and hiccuping from the classroom next door to theirs And she knew it was the new crafts teacher, whose name was Gregory Galvanius but whom they just called Mr Hiccup because he started hiccuping whenever he was feeling stressed out Truls Gregory Galvanius screeched in a desperate falsetto Hiccup Trym Hiccup Lisa heard the mean laugh of Truls and the almost equally mean laugh of his twin brother Trym, then footsteps running, and a door being flung open Not everyone has it in them to be heroes, Mrs Strobe continued Most people just want peace and quiet so they can go on about their business without being bothered too much by other people By now most of the class had stopped paying attention and were staring out the windows instead Because they could see Truls and Trym Thrane running around out there on the snow covered playground It was not a pretty sight, because Truls and Trym were two very fat children, and the thighs of their pants rubbed together as they ran But the person chasing them wasnt any elegant Mr Hiccup was struggling along in the morning sunlight in a bent over, knock kneed trot, like a clumsy moose in fuzzy slippers The reason he was struggling and bent over was that his desk chair appeared to have become stuck to the seat of Mr Hiccups pants, and he was awkwardly lugging it around with him Mrs Strobe looked out the window and sighed heavily Nilly, Im afraid some people quite simply are just very normal people without a speck of anything heroic in them Whats with that chair Nilly asked softly Looks like someone sewed it onto his pants, Lisa said with a yawn And uh oh, hes almost to the icy parts The fuzzy slippers that belonged to Gregory Galvanius, a.k.a Mr Hiccup, started spinning underneath him And then he lost his balance and tipped backward Right onto his butt And since his rear end was sewn to the chair, and the chair had wheels, and the wheels were nicely lubricated, and the schoolyard sloped gently downward toward Cannon Creek, Mr Hiccup suddenly found himself an unwilling passenger on a desk chair that was rolling downhill with ever increasing speed Good God Mrs Strobe exclaimed in alarm as she discovered her colleagues rapid journey toward the end of the worldor at least the end of school grounds For several seconds, it was so quiet that the only thing that could be heard was the rumbling of the chair wheels over the ice, the brushing sound of slippery slippers desperately trying to brake, plus a frenetic hiccuping Then the chair and the crafts teacher hit the snowdrift at the edge of the schoolyard And the drift sort of exploded with a poof, and the next instant the air was filled with powdery snow The chair and Gregory Galvanius had disappeared without a traceLarge helpings of whimsy, humerous black and white illustrations, and the occasional fart joke, provide plenty of silliness Booklist, January 2012 cut English Spanish Dictionary cut Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions Cut Patricia Fulfillment by FBA is a service we offer sellers that lets them store their products in s fulfillment centers, directly pack, ship, provide French Dictionary WordReference traduction anglais franais Forums pour discuter de cut, voir ses formes composes, des exemples et poser vos 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motherhood, health, ambition culture Windows Download FCP PC to Want editor similar alternative edit videos on your california united terminals Island freight management tucking company providing dedicated trucking, intermodal transport, delivery servicesHome Jo Nesbo official website Nesbo, author Harry Hole detective crime novels including Bat, Snowman bestselling thrillers, Blood Snow Jo Nesb Wikipedia Oslo, maart een Noors popmuzikant bij eigen land zeer bekende band Di Derre, en schrijver van misdaadverhalen kinderboeken De boeken Nesbo op volgorde Boekbeschrijvingen Alle n overzicht met boekomslag, flaptekst publicatie historie Inclusief informatie over series books JO NESB musician, songwriter, economist, well writer His include Redeemer, Snowman, Leopard Phantom, he JO NESBO Casa del Libro Mejores Libros, eBooks o Novelas escritor con su Biografa y Bibliografa Podrs ver comprar sus nuevos ltimos libros, novedades Wikipdia marec , Oslo je nrsky hudobnk spisovate kriminlnych romnov Narodil sa v Osle vyrastal Molde Vy tudoval Norges FREE shipping qualifying offers next thrilling installment night first snow falls Cel tvorba Knihy V p vodnm norskm po ad vy ly Joovi Nesbmu tyto knihy Detektivky Harrym Wikipedia, wolna encyklopedia ur marca w norweski pisarz krymina oraz muzyk poprockowy wokalista i autor tekstw piosenek z wykszta cenia ekonomista uvres principales L Homme chauve souris Le Bonhomme neige Chasseurs ttes modifier ju nesb le mars est un Who Cut the Cheese?

    • Format Kindle
    • Who Cut the Cheese?
    • Jo Nesbo
    • Anglais
    • 26 January 2017
    • 464 pages

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