Hot Ice: A Novel

⇖ Free pdf Hot Ice: A Novel download in english ⧈ PDF Author Nora Roberts ⨥ ⇖ Free pdf Hot Ice: A Novel download in english ⧈ PDF Author Nora Roberts ⨥ Chapter 1He was running for his life And it wasnt the first time As he raced by Tiffanys elegant window display, he hoped it wouldnt be his last The night was cool with April rain slick on the streets and sidewalk There was a breeze that even in Manhattan tasted pleasantly of spring He was sweating They were too damn close.Fifth Avenue was quiet, even sedate at this time of night Streetlights intermittently broke the darkness traffic was light It wasnt the place to lose yourself in a crowd As he ran by Fifty third, he considered ducking down into the subway below the Tishman Building, but if they saw him go in, he might not come back out.Doug heard the squeal of tires behind him and whipped around the corner at Cartiers He felt the sting in his upper arm, heard the muffled pop of a silenced bullet, but never slackened his pace Almost at once, he smelled the blood Now they were getting nasty And he had the feeling they could do a lot worse.But on Fifty second Street were people, a group here and there, some walking, some standing Here, there was noise, raised voices, music His labored breathing went unnoticed Quietly he stood behind a redhead who was four or five inches taller than his own six feet, and half again as wide She was swaying to the music that poured out of her portable stereo It was like hiding behind a tree in a windstorm Doug took the opportunity to catch his breath and check his wound He was bleeding like a pig With out giving it a thought, he slipped the striped bandana out of the redheads back pocket and wrapped it around his arm She never stopped swaying he had very light fingers.It was difficult to kill a man outright when there was a crowd, he decided Not impossible, just harder Doug kept his pace slow and faded in and out of the packs of people while he kept his eyes and ears open for the discreet black Lincoln.Near Lexington he saw it pull up a half block away, and he saw the three men in trim dark suits get out They hadnt spotted him yet, but it wouldnt be long Thinking fast, he scanned the crowd hed merged with The black leather with the two dozen zippers might work.Hey.He grabbed the arm of the boy beside him Ill give you fifty bucks for your jacket.The boy with pale spiked hair and a paler face shrugged him off Fuck off Its leather.A hundred then,Doug muttered The three men were getting closer all the time.This time the boy took interest He turned his face so that Doug saw the tiny tattooed vulture on his cheek Two hundred and its yours.Doug was already reaching for his wallet For two hundred I want the shades too.The boy whipped off the wraparound mirrored sunglasses You got em.Here, let me help you off with that In a quick move, Doug yanked the boys jacket off After stuffing bills in the boys hand he pulled it on, letting out a hiss of breath at the pain in his left arm The jacket smelled, not altogether pleasantly, of its previous owner Ignoring it, Doug tugged the zipper up Look, therere three guys in undertaker suits coming this way Theyre scouting out for extras for a Billy Idol video You and your friends here should get yourselves noticed.Oh yeah And as the boy turned around with his best bored teenagers look on his face, Doug was diving through the nearest door.Inside, wallpaper shimmered in pale colors under dimmed lights People sat at white linen covered tables under art deco prints The gleam of brass rails formed a path to private dining rooms or to a mirrored bar With one whiff, Doug caught the scent of French cooking sage, burgundy, thyme Briefly he considered hustling his way past the maitre d to a quiet table, then decided the bar was better cover Affecting a bored look, he stuck his hands in his pockets and swaggered over Even as he leaned on the bar, he was calculating how and when to make his exit.Whiskey He pushed the wraparound shades firmly onto his nose Seagrams Leave the bottle.He stood hunched over it, his face turned ever so slightly toward the door His hair was dark, curling into the collar of the jacket his face was clean shaven and lean His eyes, hidden behind the mirrored glasses, were trained on the door as he downed the first fiery taste of whiskey Without pausing, he poured a second shot His mind was working out all the alternatives.Hed learned to think on his feet at an early age, just as hed learned to use his feet to run if that was the best solution He didnt mind a fight, but he liked to have the odds in his favor He could deal straight, or he could skim over the finer points of honesty, depending on what was the most profitable.What he had strapped to his chest could be the answer to his taste for luxury and easy living, the taste hed always wanted to cultivate What was outside, combing the streets for him, could be a quick end to living at all Weighing one against the other, Doug opted to shoot for the pot of gold.The couple beside him were discussing the latest Mailer novel in earnest voices Another group tossed around the idea of heading to a club for jazz and cheaper booze The crowd at the bar was mostly single, he decided, here to drink off the tension of a business day and show themselves to other singles There were leather skirts, three piece suits, and high topped sneakers Satisfied, Doug pulled out a cigarette He could have chosen a worse place to hide.A blonde in a dove gray suit slid onto the stool beside him and flicked her lighter at the end of his cigarette She smelled of Chanel and vodka Crossing her legs, she downed the rest of her drink.Havent seen you in here before.Doug gave her a brief look, enough to take in the slightly blurred vision and the predatory smile Another time, hed have appreciated it No He poured another shot.My office is a couple of blocks from here Even after three Stolichnayas, she recognized something arrogant, something dangerous in the man beside her Interested, she swiveled a little closer Im an architect.The hair on the back of his neck stood up when they walked in The three of them looked neat and successful Shifting, he looked over the blondes shoulder as they separated One of them stood idly by the door The only way out.Attracted rather than discouraged by his lack of response, the blonde laid a hand on Dougs arm And what do you do He let the whiskey lie in his mouth for just a moment before he swallowed and sent it spreading through his system I steal, he told her because people rarely believe the truth.She smiled as she took out a cigarette, then handed him her lighter and waited for Doug to flick it on for her Fascinating, Im sure She blew out a quick, thin stream of smoke and plucked the lighter from his fingers Why dont you buy me a drink and tell me all about it A pity hed never tried that line before since it seemed to work so well A pity the timing was all wrong, because she filled out the little suit neater than a CPA filled out a 1099 Not tonight, sugar.Keeping his mind on business, Doug poured whiskey and stayed out of the light The impromptu disguise might work He felt the pressure of a gun barrel against his ribs Then again, it might not.Outside, Lord Mr Dimitris upset that you didnt keep your appointment.Yeah Casually, he swirled the whiskey in his glass Thought Id have a couple of drinks first, Remo, mustve lost track of time.The barrel dug into his ribs again Mr Dimitri likes his employees to be prompt.Doug downed the whiskey, watching in the mirror behind the bar as the two other men took position behind him Already the blonde was backing off to look for an easier mark Am I fired He poured another glass and figured the odds Three to one, they were armed, he wasnt But then, of the three of them, only Remo had what could pass for a brain.Mr Dimitri likes to fire his employees in person Remo grinned and showed perfectly capped teeth under a pencil thin moustache And he wants to give you real special attention.Okay Doug placed one hand on the whiskey bottle, the other on the glass How about a drink first Mr Dimitri doesnt like drinking on the job And youre late, Lord Real late.Yeah Well, its a shame to waste good booze Whirling, he tossed the whiskey into Remos eyes and swung the bottle into the face of the suited man at his right With the impetus of the swing, he ran headlong into the third man so that they fell backward onto the dessert display Chocolate souffl and rich French cream flew in a symphony of high caloric rain Wrapped around each other like lovers, they rolled into the lemon torte Terrible waste, Doug muttered and pushed a handful of strawberry mousse into the other mans face Knowing the element of surprise would wear out quickly, Doug used the most expeditious means of defense He brought his knee up hard between his opponents legs Then he ran.Put it on Dimitris tab, he called out as he pushed his way through tables and chairs On impulse, he grabbed a waiter, then shoved him and his loaded tray in Remos direction Roast squab flew like a bullet With one hand on the brass rail, he leapt over and scrambled for the door He left the chaos behind him and broke into the street.Hed bought some time, but theyd be behind him again And this time, theyd be mean Doug headed uptown on foot, wondering why the hell you could never find a cab when you needed one.Traffic was light on the Long Island Expressway as Whitney headed into town Her flight from Paris had landed at Kennedy an hour behind schedule The back seat and trunk of her little Mercedes were crammed with luggage The radio was turned up high so that the gritty strains of Springsteens latest hit could ricochet through the car and out the open window The two week trip to France had been a gift to herself for finally working up the courage to break off her engagement to Tad Carlyse IV.No matter how pleased her parents had been, she just couldnt marry a man who color coordinated his socks and ties.Whitney began to sing harmony with Springsteen as she tooled around a slower moving compact She was twenty eight, attractive, moderately successful in her own career while having enough family money to back her up if things got really tough She was accustomed to affluence and deference Shed never had to demand either one, only expect them She enjoyed being able to slip into one of New Yorks posher clubs late at night and find it filled with people she knew.She didnt mind if the paparazzi snapped her or if the gossip columns speculated on what her latest outrage would be Shed often explained to her frustrated father that she wasnt outrageous by design, but by nature.She liked fast cars, old movies, and Italian boots.At the moment, she was wondering if she should go home or drop in at Elaines and see whod been up to what in the past two weeks She didnt feel jet lag, but a trace of boredom More than a trace, she admitted She was nearly smothered with it The question was what to do about it From the Hardcover edition.Women are as addicted to her contemporary love novels as chocoholics are to Godiva Roberts is a superstar The New York TimesRoberts is indeed a word artist, painting her stories and her characters with vitality and verve Los Angeles Daily NewsHer stories have fueled the dreams of twenty five million readers Entertainment Weekly How to make Hot Ice Crazy YouTube crazy experiment turning a liquid solid with just touch amazing Costs for grams of sodium accitate Song Beat the Moment Artist Make Steps Pictures How can ice be hot When it s not ordinary Using same ingredients as baking soda volcano, you create acetate By Make from Vinegar and Baking Soda Sodium acetate, also known is an chemical easily prepare yourself using vinegar Hot As eBook door Dahlia Rose Lees met Rakuten Kobo Kryslyn Dale passion was exploring world her dream trip finally came pass She would traverse on A Hockey Romance Anthology Anthology K likes Love hockey romance about romances smoking heroes both off Oh Vind in Schoenen op Marktplaats Koop Verkoop Marktplaats kopen en verkopen tegen een aantrekkelijke prijs HotIceShow Twitter The latest Tweets Official twitter page most spectacular show thrilling combination art sport Returns or interesting that cause crystallize resemble water form crystalline towers Pictures instructables You cool solution Science Experiment Playdough To Plato Activity ages Our favorite kids science experiments are those have element magic This project certainly No Man Sky Wiki last edited September , at Content available under CC BY NC SA unless otherwise noted Game content materials trademarks by Nora Roberts Goodreads Share has ratings reviews Mary said CHEESY And if re ok cheese, bad book My chief complaint they eatNora Wikipedia Roberts, geboren als Eleanor Marie Robertson Silver Spring, Maryland, oktober Amerikaanse romanschrijfster Ze schreef meer dan tweehonderd Series Roberts Leave this field empty human 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    • Format Kindle
    • Hot Ice: A Novel
    • Nora Roberts
    • Anglais
    • 05 September 2017
    • 322 pages

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