Woodcarving (Kid Crafts)

כֿ Read Kindle [ Woodcarving (Kid Crafts) ] ᐾ Kindle Author Everett Ellenwood ᒒ כֿ Read Kindle [ Woodcarving (Kid Crafts) ] ᐾ Kindle Author Everett Ellenwood ᒒ Grade 4 7This well organized and useful book includes occasional boxed notes to adults, who are advised in the interest of safety to be present any time sharp tools are being used Carvers are bluntly warned, Never put anything that can bleed in front of the blade The first half of the book introduces wood and how it grows and describes the supplies, tools, and techniques that are used in the projects The second half is comprised of the projects themselves The first one is the easiest, a soap bar boat carved with nonmetal tools so that a supervising adult can assess a young person s skills The seven Scout like projects then progress in difficulty, building sequentially on skills and using a greater range of tools Quality paper, full color photographs, and illustrated step by step instructions enhance the presentation There is a mention of a DVD by the author that is available for purchase, but the Resources list of five suppliers provides contact information and seems unbiased.Joel Shoemaker, South East Junior High School, Iowa City, IA Copyright Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc All rights reserved.Part of a new series targeted to teach children traditional crafts, this 122 page softcover book ISBN 978 1 56523 366 9, 14.95 , written by award winning carver Everett Ellenwood, includes diagrams, patterns and step by step photos for projects such as a croaking frog, snowman ornament and wooden train whistle.Get a bunch of woodcarvers sitting around with a cup of coffee in hand, and one of the issues that often arises is the future of woodcarving, particularly with regard to the number of young carvers or lack thereof Go to almost any club meeting or caving show, and likely you ll find the vast majority of people are baby boomers or older, with sprinkling of 20 and 30 somethings, and relatively few young carvers Largely gone are the days when a youngster sat on the back step, pocket knife in hand, learning the first steps in carving from Grandfather The Boy Scouts of America BSA does have a woodcarving merit badge, but from my days as a merit badge counselor, I can tell you that badge is not one of the popular ones We re fighting a battle for attention against organized sports, computer games, and the like One aspect of this problem is the relative dearth of carving books aimed specifically at young people The folks at Fox Chapel Publishing, fortunately, have put into our hands a new book that might help turn the tide Fox Chapel has launched a new Kid Crafts series, and one of the first volumes is Woodcarving, written by Ev Ellenwood This is not an adult book dumbed down, but rather built from the ground up for young people There is, of course, the expectation that the book will be used under adult supervision, at least with preteen and younger children At a 128 pages, this book is as thick as your average carving book, but at 8 x 8 is a size better suited to young hands Contents Introduction Chapter 1 All About Wood Chapter 2 Woodcarving Supplies Chapter 3 Tools Chapter 4 Projects The Introduction starts out with Look What You Can Carve, a page of project photos designed to catch the attention of the youngster Also included is a How to Use This Book page and a Note to Adults Chapter 1 presents a good overview about wood the anatomy of a tree, vessels and grain, and the best woods to carve Chapter 2 begins a discussion about woodcarving supplies and presents the first of many skill building exercises scattered throughout the book The concept here is good it breaks a particular skill down into a step by step process that the young carver can practice The first of the Skills is Gluing Wood Together, something we take for granted but which may be an unknown skill for a young person The chapter goes on to review sandpaper and sanding, pattern transfer, and finishing supplies and skills Chapter 3 is about Tools As is most appropriate, Safety is the first article of discussion in the chapter, with a good discussion about gloves and thumb guards The chapter continues with information about caring for tools, measuring and marking tools, clamping tools and a carver s hook, saws and drills, and carving knives Included here are an important series of skill builders about various types of knife cuts The chapter then turns to a discussion of gouges and gouge cuts and ends with an excellent section on sharpening as you might expect from an Ellenwood book Chapter 4 begins the projects The first is a soap boat carving project using handmade wooden tools This project serves as a good reality check for an adult to determine if a young person has the dexterity and maturity to move on to sharp carving tools and wood carvings The wood carving projects begin with a simple relief snowman ornament, then a carved wooden whistle, arrowhead, name plaque, a relief eagle head and an in the round musical frog Each has good detailed directions with quality step by step photos The book concludes with a glossary page and a resource page, which includes three of our WOM sponsors In Conclusion There is a lot to like about this book, and very few nits to pick I could only really find one the pages on that nasty S word That would be sanding Other than that, I found the book to be well written and well designed If you have a child or grandchild whom you d like to interest in woodcarving, than this book may be the perfect Christmas or birthday present If you have no young children or grands, but would like to help spread the art and craft, consider becoming a BSA woodcarving Merit Badge councilor this publication would be an excellent adjunct to the merit badge handbook.Everett Ellenwood s Kid Crafts Woodcarving teaches than just how to carve a block of wood It instills confidence, develops a can do attitude, and establishes problem solving skills that will last a lifetime Part of a new series targeted to teach children traditional crafts, including leather crafting and basic woodworking, Kid Crafts Woodcarving helps kids ages 9 and older discover the fun they can have creating with their hands Among the affordable, easy to follow projects which require only a simple set of tools and basic skills, new carvers will find everything they need to create some fun projects, including a croaking frog, a snowman ornament, a wooden train whistle, arrowheads, name plaques, and Author Everett Ellenwood is an award winning carver and nationally recognized instructor for than 30 years He has written Complete Book of Woodcarving and produced two best selling videos, Beginning Woodcarving and Sharpening Simplified.Woodcarving 14.95 is part of the Kid Crafts series from Fox Chapel Publishing The book is recommended for children over age 10 Author Everett Ellenwood suggests having the child work a soap carving project from the book to test his maturity level and ability to do the other projects in the book Special emphasis is given to safety and skill development, as the tools used in woodcarving must be very sharp The introduction provides some basic guidelines for the book s use Don t overlook these pages in a craft book they re the key to making the book and the crafts covered in it safe and fun The first chapter gives an overview of the sources of wood for carving, beginning of course with trees Ellenwood explains the differences between hardwood and softwood, tree growth, and the best woods to carve The next two chapters cover the supplies and tools used in woodcarving Simple and clear instructions explain the care and use of the tools, and carving skills are covered in depth with step by step illustrations If you don t know the ten parts of a gouge, this book will identify them and give a concise description of each There are even instructions for skills related to sharpening and maintaining tools The first project, mentioned above, is a boat carved from soap It is a safe and simple way to apply some of the basic skills covered earlier in the book Next is a simple snowman Christmas ornament requiring a few tools and carving skills Each project includes photos of the tools to be used along with lists of materials and supplies needed Skills used in each project are included in these lists with page numbers your child can refer to for step by step explanations of the skills Be sure to read through the whole project before gathering tools Some of the tool lists are incomplete Some of the projects in Woodcarving are practical for a child A wooden whistle, percussion frog, and name plaque are among these All of them are engaging and reinforce the knowledge and skills presented in the first part of the book Woodcarving is a great way to introduce a child to craft skills that can serve him for a lifetime Sometimes craft books are about making memories than about building knowledge and skills Woodcarving is a perfect example of one that does both.They are fabulous What I really like about these 3 Kid Crafts titles Starting with basics how to use the book, the note to adults from each author, the origins of leather wood The half tone subject headings at the top of the left hand pages for easy navigation Complete introductions for each craft types of each material, processing, how to select, supplies needed, skills to master, what specific tools are and how they are used to create a particular effect, SAFETY guidelines esp good in the woodworking books where they re really needed and they are repeated in each step where needed Each book takes the readers from beginner to advanced skill level and projects And these are real projects not just cutesy kid crafts these are items that will be of interest to the intended audience The layouts on each project are very clear supplies, tools, skills, patterns, step by step photos to refer to Glossary and resources librarians love backmatter like this websites and suppliers are valuable for rural crafters The Woodcarving title starts off well, with the 2 page spread of colored photos of look what you can carve and here s all you need to get started who can resisit This one also includes great tips on skill building to keep beginners encouraged Excellent job Wood Crafts ADIANTE WOODCARVING AND FURNITURE Tables, wall art, cutting boards, mirror picture frames handmade and carved in the US by master craftsman from Suriname Fine Art of Carving Lovespoons Understanding, Fine Understanding, Designing, Romantic Heirlooms Woodcarving Illustrated Book David Western on FREE Fox Chapel Publishing Books Fox Chapel The official home Publishing, publishers bestselling Woodworking, Woodcarving, Scroll Saw, Wood turning, Pyrography books magazines Dan s Crafts Things Rochester NY Hobbies Toys Empire Blvd Rochester, Phone Fax findit danscraftsandthings Whittling Unique Birds, Flowers, Trees More Easy to Find Step Step, Create 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    • Woodcarving (Kid Crafts)
    • Everett Ellenwood
    • English
    • 21 January 2016
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