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This book was also published under the title Astral Travel The main topics of my book are 1 the astral projection experience and how to accomplish it The astral plane is examined as well as the astral projection techniques necessary to enter 2 aura viewing A very simple technique to view your own aura is given I believe it will help with astral projection because you will realize part of you already is projecting Reading my book and following the suggested techniques will change your life forever It explains in detail how you can have exciting, unbelievable adventures to future, past and alternate lifetimes, to astral counterparts of physical objects and places, to high spiritual places called Heaven, and to see your own magnificent aura These things are doable without sniffing glue, eating hallucinogenic mushrooms, or taking drugs It takes no special talent to have these awesome, life changing experiences only some time and determination My methods involve deep breathing, calling out to God through chanting, and sacred meditation The book is concise and basic Here are some quotes Part One, Definitions The astral plane is a vibration of life that is highly emotional and visiting it can be a nightmare world of hell, a blissful journey to heaven, or one of many, many places in between When we have an astral projection we are traveling in an astral body We possess different energy bodies of all vibrations and will, without realizing or making any effort, choose just the correct combination depending on the vibration of light needed for the journey This astral energy can sometimes be seen and is called the aura Part One, Astral Travel Basics Don t get hung up with tedious, drawn out methods to leave your physical body one body part at a time You don t need to project an astral counterpart of your entire physical self I suggest you simply project that part of you located between your eyes, that s where your true self is located anyway The fastest and easiest way is to just be wherever it is you want to be Don t even think about what you look like, that will just bring you back to the physical Part Two, Two Methods to Project to Wooded Areas When you are in the air and you feel like you are flying, you might not be It took me a long time to realize that I was really located in a point in the sky I had no body so I was not subject to gravity However, the Earth was rotating on its axis I just had the sensation of moving It s like when you re in a car wash seated in your car The big brushes come forward and you have the sensation of moving even though you are not Part Three, My Experiences, Holy and Wonderful The separation was in a whole different manner, I remained in my physical body while I felt energy projecting I became a being of white light energized by my heart chakra Part Three, My Experiences, Holy and Wonderful While meditating on a violet crystal, I asked to see my spiritual guides Amazing spheres of brilliant colored light appeared I saw a pink spirit and a golden flame baby which I brought to my heart chakra The face of a happy young man, looked Arabic, smiled at me My tunnel rotated very fast and pointed very high Part Four, Aura, Etheric and Halo Viewing Seeing your own magnificent light will help you realize you are a holy spirit and truly a child of God.Good luck.You CAN do it ASTRAL PROJECTION GUIDE, BOOK ONE

    • Paperback
    • Yvette LeBlanc
    • English
    • 20 October 2017
    • 224 pages

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